Dart Container Opens Foam Drop-Off Recycling Center

Dart Container established a free foam drop-off center in Chicago, Illinois. The center will be open seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The company hopes to motivate businesses, organizations and residents in the area to drop their foam off for recycling.

Foam is used across industries, but is probably most commonly found in the food-service industry. The take-out containers that allow consumers to transport their leftovers home are often made of foam, which is not to be confused with “Styrofoam,” Dow Chemical’s trademarked name for foam insulation material.

Located at 7575 Kostner Avenue, the center will help collect foam, which is recyclable, to allow its users an easier path to environmental responsibility. There are many benefits to companies that use foam. Foam is durable, safe and reliable for food products, but it is also a cost-effective storage solution. Foam also protects a range of products from food to shipped television sets.

Director of Recycling for Dart Container, Michael Westerfield, said the company would like to attract as many Chicago residents as possible to the new facility. He hopes the center will encourage residents to stop before throwing away their foam and contribute to the eco-friendly initiative.

Before bringing foam into the center, look for the #6 chasing arrows symbol that indicates your product is recyclable. Recyclers should then wipe food off of containers, detach any parts of the product that are not foam and put the foam in a clear, sealed bag. Packing peanuts are not accepted at the center.

If everyone does their part, foam can be turned into many new household products through the recycling process. Picture frames, baseboards and crown molding can all be made using recycled foam, and foam is an environmentally responsible and cost-effective storage solution for businesses and consumers.

Foam Recycling